Deal & Research Analyst

Simply, your typical day at HARRY HUTCHINSON & GROUP would involve thinking big, being open-minded, closing deals, resolving disputes and solving problems.

Ours is a hands-on approach. So, our lawyers, trainees and support staff all play a critical part in how we resolve that problem or close that deal for the client. Our value for every worker at the firm is simple: “Performance buys freedom”. So, it’s hard work, high expectations, and no shortcuts. We guarantee that if you work hard then you will reap the rewards of your hard work.


To be sure, the level of client contacts and compensation, including the base salary, allowance, benefits and year-end bonus that we offer our associates is significantly higher than that of any other comparable top-tier corporate law firm. There is fun at the office and we play hard. We also have an in-house chef so proper lunch is taken care of.


We also have a professional growth support environment, so our lawyers and staff can grow and add value to themselves. We sponsor our lawyers to take part in international bar events and global training aimed at skill set addition and improvement. Our lawyers also attend a mandatory training program in London organized by one of the best and largest law firms in the world.